If you have already tried low-complexity methods and have not achieved pregnancy, you can access this high-complexity option.

Why is its complexity high?

Because the formation of the embryo is done in the laboratory.
Plus, the procedure must be performed in an operating room, to comply with the required biosafety conditions.

The steps are as follows:

Cheerful family of African-Americans with a mother, father and baby having fun together

Stimulate the woman’s ovulation with drugs, so, in the next ovulation, more than one egg is released and later extracted in the operating room.

Then, in the laboratory, they’re fertilized with the partner’s or donor’s sperm.

This fertilization can occur naturally as if it were inside the Fallopian tubes, or with the use of a microinjection, the sperm is introduced directly into the egg.

After a few days, the embryo already formed is implanted inside the woman’s uterus in the procedure room, and after a few weeks, a blood test is performed to confirm the pregnancy.

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Our main purpose is thatwhoever wants to have a family and cannot achieve it by their own means, can do so with our assistance.

It’s also a priority for us that the result of your effort is a healthy baby, loved by his family, and that together you can enjoy a full life.

That’s why our processes are rigorous, we don’t try to achieve a baby at any price.

We offer all these options so that each one of you can adapt them to your circumstances and GET THE FAMILY YOU WANT.

We give thanks for this great gift of seeing a human being growing within my partner.

All this life miracle was possible thanks to this great team.

Words aren’t enough, and it’s difficult to express the immense happiness that we’re feeling.

Thank you, thank you very much for making this new stage in our lives real, which was so long-awaited, as mothers.

I hope the universe always conspires in favour of you and those of us who come here with a dream which is possible today.

Blessings and thanks.”

Enith and Andrea

“Thank you for helping us achieve our dream and for allowing the miracle of life to be among us.

Thank you for not abandoning us and giving us faith and confidence to persevere until we could hear our baby’s heartbeat (6 weeks).

God bless you for this beautiful work.

Without you, we wouldn’t have achieved this miracle.
Keep on giving happiness.”

Edgar and Lorena

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