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We are an international surrogacy agency

that aims to provide the opportunity to have a baby at home to every family who can’t pursue this dream by themselves, that’s why we have designed our model based on tailor made programs taking in account each families needs, desires and budget. We strongly believe that every Family has the right to pursue their dreams of having a happy newborn child at home, within a reasonable time frame (1.5 to 2  years after making the decision). We help families fulfilling their needs through the process, whether they are couples or monoparental families.


Surrogacy in Colombia is legal for all heterosexual, same-sex couples, or single-member families. Under the best medical and human practices, our clinics provide top quality embryo transfer with a comprehensive open alternative of egg and sperm donors.


Legal advisory where the surrogacy process takes place.

Complete Surrogacy service (Testing, following, matching, advising).

Egg donation program (with national and international egg donors).

Top end medical services.

Intentional Parents personal advisor.

Logistics and accommodation.

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Step by step process:

Plan with Surrogacy and Egg donor:

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