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surrogacy agencies in colombia

We are conscious that the dream of having a child has no limits,
love has no limits, desire has no limits.

But economic realities do have limits.

And when you’re searching for different options to make that dream come true, and you find yourself with unaffordable prices, your spirits feel low.

Your hopes begin to vanish.

You know you can’t let so much time go by, besides you are aware that you need help, no matter what.

Keep calm.

Infertility is not irreversible,

And there are affordable options.

With the same technology and services as in the top places,

and without waiting lists or language complications.


With assistance for every need,

and with a single goal:

That you have your baby, healthy, at home.

Happy father with baby in baby carrier at home


(may include EGG or SPERM DONOR)

For heterosexual couples (being married or proving failed IVF attempts is not requested),  same-sex couples, and single people.

3 simple steps to start


You contact us to book a free consultation with our agent, who gives you more details:


You meet the Dr. to discuss the best alternatives for you.

The Dr. explains in detail the options you can access according to your circumstances, so with his help, you can decide if it’s time to start your process and how to do it.

It’s very important to us that you understand the processes and that you’re willing to move forward, so we can get started.

In case we can’t help you, we’ll explain the reasons.

Portrait of doctor


We begin our journey together to reach your dream destination: having your baby in your arms.

Shot of a mother bonding with her baby at home

You travel to the city where the clinic which best suits your needs is.

Once you arrive there, your medical consultations with different specialists will be already booked, to take samples of your genetic material and carry out some blood tests.

You’ll also have your consultations with the lawyers -specialized in subrogation- already coordinated, so that they can give you their advice and agree with you on the best options for your case (concerning the certificates and legal documents that you may need).

In the following days, while you’re still enjoying the city, we’ll schedule new visits to the clinic to take additional samples and another consultation with the Dr. to interpret and evaluate the results of the examinations that will have been done by that time.

At the end of your 5 or 6-day-stay, you can return home, having completed the first steps of this great and emotional journey towards becoming a parent.

A pregnant lesbian woman


If you have already tried low-complexity methods and have not achieved pregnancy, you can access this high-complexity option.

Why is its complexity high?

Because the formation of the embryo is done in the laboratory.
Plus, the procedure must be performed in an operating room, to comply with the required biosafety conditions.

The steps are as follows:

Cheerful family of African-Americans with a mother, father and baby having fun together

Stimulate the woman’s ovulation with drugs, so, in the next ovulation, more than one egg is released and later extracted in the operating room.

Then, in the laboratory, they’re fertilized with the partner’s or donor’s sperm.

This fertilization can occur naturally as if it were inside the Fallopian tubes, or with the use of a microinjection, the sperm is introduced directly into the egg.

After a few days, the embryo already formed is implanted inside the woman’s uterus in the procedure room, and after a few weeks, a blood test is performed to confirm the pregnancy.

If you want to know how it would be with you, book a free appointment with one of our advisors

A beautiful pregnant woman, dressed in white clothes


If you’ve already tried to get pregnant naturally and haven’t succeeded, you can try this low-complexity treatment, which aims at achieving pregnancy by inserting semen already prepared in the laboratory (to leave only the sperm with greater and better mobility) inside the woman’s uterus, using a cannula.

Before doing it, you must take medication to stimulate ovulation, so, at the time the procedure is performed, you are certainly about to release one egg, which -if everything goes well-, meets the sperm that have been introduced, and the fertilization occurs.

It doesn’t require anaesthesia, so it can be performed in the consulting room.

If you want to know how it would be with you, book a free appointment with one of our advisors

Pregnant woman with husband in the Studio
colombia surrogacy agency


If your desire isn’t to have a baby now, but in a while, you can vitrify your reproductive cells (eggs and sperm) to use them when you think it’s the time.

Likewise, if what you want is to preserve embryos formed in the laboratory through In Vitro Fertilization, to have a baby later, we also offer you that possibility, through their cryopreservation.

If you want to know how it would be with you, book a free appointment with one of our advisors

Doctor doing ultrasound scan for pregnant woman
surrogate in colombia cost


If you have had a Fallopian tubal ligation or Pomeroy, you can redirect the tubes that have been modified, through microsurgery with a treatment called tubal recanalization.

If you have had a vasectomy, you can recanalize the vas deferens that have been modified, through an intervention called vasovasostomy.

Also, in case of difficulty to extract the semen, we can do it through a testicular biopsy, and then use it in the formation of an embryo in the laboratory trough IVF and ICSI.

If you want to know how you can access these services, book a free appointment with one of our advisors

Our main purpose is thatwhoever wants to have a family and cannot achieve it by their own means, can do so with our assistance.

It’s also a priority for us that the result of your effort is a healthy baby, loved by his family, and that together you can enjoy a full life.

That’s why our processes are rigorous, we don’t try to achieve a baby at any price.

We offer all these options so that each one of you can adapt them to your circumstances and GET THE FAMILY YOU WANT.

We give thanks for this great gift of seeing a human being growing within my partner.

All this life miracle was possible thanks to this great team.

Words aren’t enough, and it’s difficult to express the immense happiness that we’re feeling.

Thank you, thank you very much for making this new stage in our lives real, which was so long-awaited, as mothers.

I hope the universe always conspires in favour of you and those of us who come here with a dream which is possible today.

Blessings and thanks.”

Enith and Andrea

“Thank you for helping us achieve our dream and for allowing the miracle of life to be among us.

Thank you for not abandoning us and giving us faith and confidence to persevere until we could hear our baby’s heartbeat (6 weeks).

God bless you for this beautiful work.

Without you, we wouldn’t have achieved this miracle.
Keep on giving happiness.”

Edgar and Lorena

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