For many people, the dream of starting a family is a cherished goal, but achieving it through natural means is not always an option. 

Surrogacy emerges as a journey paved with love and hope for countless couples and individuals who face challenges in traditional family-building. At Family Aims, we recognize the paths to parenthood are so personal, so we are committed to providing comprehensive information about surrogacy, acknowledging its complexities as an essential part of our guidance.

In the world of surrogacy, historically there are two paths to choose from: one is gestational, and the other is the traditional one, which has been displaced, but still is a valid choice. 

The most common nowadays is gestational surrogacy, where the gametes of the future parents (or from voluntary donors) are joined with the help of science to make an embryo. This embryo is then welcomed in the generous uterus of a woman who will carry the pregnancy forward, who does not share her genetic links with the baby, but shares her immense heart of willing to help another family to grow.

Differences between gestational surrogacy processes

In traditional surrogacy, the process used to be much more in-house and less professionalized. It was common for people to use close friends or family members to carry out the surrogacy, forming an agreement based on mutual trust rather than legality.

Traditionally, surrogacy often involved natural conception methods, with the surrogate also contributing genetic material. This approach, while intimate, in some occasions led to intricate legal challenges, particularly regarding the custody of the child. Without a definitive legal structure, such situations could escalate into emotional and legal conflicts, potentially affecting the welfare of everyone involved, including the child. 

That’s why all parties must navigate these waters with careful consideration and legal guidance, to safeguard their interests and the child’s future.

Today, thanks to significant advances in science, legislation, and professionalization of the process, gestational surrogacy has become a safe and secure way to start a family.

Specialized surrogacy agencies, such as Family Aims, offer a comprehensive support framework, ensuring that all legal aspects are covered. They have associated lawyers, experts in the field, who ensure clear agreements with mandatory obligations and rights. 

We also have clinics that specialize in the fertilization procedure. These substantial factors provide peace of mind to prospective families, ensuring that the process runs smoothly and that the rights of everyone , especially the child, are safeguarded.

Guiding you every step of the way: from beginning to end

At Family Aims, we believe that every family is unique and deserves the opportunity to grow. Surrogacy is a sign of solidarity and compassion, where science and the human heart come together to make the dreams of motherhood and fatherhood come true. It’s a process accompanied by a legal and ethical framework that protects all parties involved, ensuring that the road ahead is a safe and reliable one.

Families who choose surrogacy must be well-informed and have adequate support. Our commitment is to provide them with all the necessary assistance so that they can make the best decision, from understanding the procedure involved in gestational surrogacy, to accompanying them every step of the way. So, we connect the intended parents with a team of lawyers who l take care of putting all the legal aspects in order, with their protection.

Building families for the world

At Family Aims, we celebrate the courage and generosity of everyone involved in surrogacy. We recognize that behind every process are stories of struggle, hope, and deep love. Our goal is to support each family in their unique journey, providing a comprehensive accompaniment until they reach their dream of having their new member.

If you are considering surrogacy, we are here to guide you on your journey, provide you with advice, and connect you with the best clinics and the right legal specialists to make your dream come true.

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