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Get ready to fill your days with lullabies, walks in the park, and baby bottles...

Through surrogacy in Colombia we help you to have your baby and enjoy this love forever

We make surrogacy affordable in less time than other options without legal issues

we make it happen

Parenting Concept. Portrait Of Cheerful African American Man Holding His Infant Son

You want your baby.

Your favorite person, the extension of your life…

You wish to raise, care for, clothe and love him or her as you’ve never loved anyone else.

That is, you want to have a child with all your heart and soul, don’t you?

Well, that’s the only thing that matters.
Your circumstances should not be an obstacle when it comes to realizing your dream of having your baby.


That’s why we’re here to help you become a parent and make YOUR family come true.

You don’t need to suffer.There’s a solution, and it’s a possible one.

We understand everything you’ve been through
And we know how you can solve it
because we have experience,
we know the treatments,
we have a database of donors,
and we have the latest medical technology.

We’re ethically responsible for everything we help create.

3 simple steps to start

1. You contact us to book a free consultation with our agent, who gives you more details:

cheapest surrogacy in the world

2. Meet the Dr. to discuss the best alternatives for you.

The Dr. explains in detail the options you can access according to your circumstances, so with his help, you can decide if it’s your time to start your process and how to do it.

It’s very important to us that you understand the processes and that you want to do it, so we can get started.

In case we can’t help you, we’ll explain the reasons.

3. We begin our journey together to reach your dream destination: having your baby in your arms.

You travel to Colombia (if you need some help with the accommodation, we can offer the services of a travel agency), and while you visit Bogotá, you get to know our allied clinic: Novafem, Fertility, and Genetics Medical Center.
Once there, your medical consultations with different specialists will be already booked, to take samples of your genetic material and carry out some blood tests.

Nothing can be left to chance, and as we prioritize your time, you’ll also have your consultations with the lawyers -specialized in subrogation- already coordinated, so that they can give you their advice and agree with you on the best options for your case (concerning the certificates and legal documents that you may need).

In the following days, while you’re still enjoying the city, we’ll schedule new visits to the clinic to take additional samples and another consultation with the Dr. to take a look and evaluate the results of the examinations that have been done.

At the end of your 5 or 6-day-stay, you can return home, having completed the first steps of this great and emotional journey towards becoming a parent.

Pregnant belly.

Needing a third party to have your baby

is giving someone a place in your family,
so whenever you need it,
we’ll give you all the information you need as soon as you ask for it,
with every detail you want to know.

Not only that, but we do know what to do,
and we have the means to do it:
the clinic, the laboratories, and the offices.

We’re certified, regulated, and controlled.

    “Firstly, we want to thank God and Novafem for allowing us to fulfill this long-awaited dream. The happiness that you have made us feel as a family is very great, your dedication to each patient and your attention and support when we felt in despair are priceless. Lots of blessings to this beautiful work team, and Dr. Cecilia, the gynecologist, a wonderful human being. I can only advise all the families who read this, to never lose faith in God and to believe that this is possible, through these miraculous hands they can fulfill this long-awaited dream. Thank you for our twins.

    Auzeidy and Jennifer

      “Since we’ve arrived here, the attention has been excellent, they’ve been interested in us and the dream we wanted to fulfill. For us, that was vital to follow the process and make the decision. Because we had already tried it elsewhere, and it had not gone well. But we’ve found that they were the people and the tools that we needed. They’re an excellent option to fulfill dreams.”

      Ana and Wilson

      Family Aims quality standards

      *To avoid misunderstandings, the first thing we offer is that you know everything about our processes and that if you have any doubts, you can clarify them with a personal assistant assigned to you in the initial consultation.

      Our procedures: clear.

      *Pay to be on a waiting list? Impossible.
      Those who want to be parents want to start as soon as possible, how can we charge them and make them wait? We do not have waiting lists.

      When you decide, you start.

      *In addition, we want to tell you that the processes we carry out at the Novafem Clinic comply with the biosafety protocols certified by the INVIMA (for its Spanish acronym: National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute) and the Health Secretary, and are approved by the Association of Colombian Centers for Assisted Reproduction, so you can already assure those who ask you:

      your baby will really be YOUR baby.

      surrogate in colombia cost

      *The surrogate mothers and the sperm and egg donors that are part of our database meet our requirements, externally regulated by INVIMA, such as: being young (19-29 years), having a healthy lifestyle, not using drugs or alcohol, and obtaining good results in serological, psychological, infectious and hormonal control tests.

      Your baby: healthy.

      *The lawyers we work with have extensive experience in international subrogation cases, so there will be no matter or situation without a solution.

      Your baby's birth certificate: with your name on it.

      Want to know what it would be like with you?

      Keep waiting, is it an option?

      Allowing more time without the baby’s company,
      when you have been wishing for it for so long,

      Wondering what your mornings would be like,
      with your baby at home.

      Imagining next Christmas
      when Santa has someone else to surprise
      and to leave a gift for…

      Why leave all those wonderful moments in your imagination and desires,
      and not do something in your power to make them come true?

      Stop postponing that personal fulfillment that you want so much,
      sharing everyday life with your little child,
      your desire to transcend in this world through that little person
      who will fill each of your days with enthusiasm, tenderness, games, and fun.

      And the greatest and deepest love you can imagine, that you will discover when you have your baby in your arms.

      Afternoons of stories and emotions, movies and popcorn,
      weekends with bike rides, and planning the next family vacation.

      Make all these wishes come true, by requesting a free appointment right nowto discover what your options are so that you can start the journey towards the most beautiful destination:
      having your child, your baby, in your arms.

      Complete the family you want,
      make your house the home of your dreams, and live the life you want to live, through surrogacy in Colombia.

      Starting the surrogacy journey is taking on the challenge
      of becoming a parent.

      Being a parent is having someone to care for, love, raise and educate, it is a great responsibility.

      And great responsibilities require great protagonists.

      If you have decided to become a parent, we are with you so that you can achieve it

      Father Playing with Baby while Changing Diaper

      Wishing to become a parent speaks highly of you, your purposes, your generosity and your way of facing life.

      Those are the values ​​that we highlight at Family Aims. 

      That's why we want to be by your side on this journey.

      Book a free appointment now, let's talk.

      Contact by us and book your firts appoinment.

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      surrogacy agencies in colombia
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