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We offer through our allied clinics:

Trustworthy gestational surrogates (GS):

Our program aims at having an extence group of surrogates that fulfill our strict process of selection (See selection criteria). To start, all our GS´s have at least one living child, they all live in or near Bogota. All should have healthy eating habits, no smoking or illicit drugs, no alcohol during the pregnancy. We have a psychologist that specializes in fertility treatments and surrogacy. She evaluates all the GS from the first screening until one month after the baby delivery to be sure the GS and the baby are safe. We also  give nutritional advice to our GS, and last but not least we have an alliance with the best lawyers in Colombia who manage to offer the final documents of the baby only with the IP´s name (without the GS on them onless needed ) one week after its delivery without the need of the long traditional judicial processes. 


Legal advisory where the surrogacy process takes place.

Complete Surrogacy service (Testing, following, matching, advising).

Egg donation program (with national and international egg donors).

Top end medical services.

Intentional Parents personal advisor.

Logistics and accommodation.

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Step by step process:

Plan with Surrogacy and Egg donor: